We were fortunate enough to experience Thoms Brewery, which is situated in Rotterdam’s Timmerhuis, a modern building which also accommodates offices and residential units. Thoms Brewery has a beautiful high ceiling, the longest bar in Rotterdam and a robust interior. The thing that make this hotspot special is that you can enjoy home-brewed beers, such as Thoms Keilen, Hoppy Pale Ale, Brut & New England I.P.A. Before we started to taste … Continue reading THOMS BREWERY – ROTTERDAM


The James Hotel is a unique 3* hotel in the city centre of Rotterdam, which feels as a 4* hotel. We loved our stay and especially appreciated the luxurious touch from the hotel entrance to the hallways and rooms. The interior of this hotel is a mix of glamor, elegance and Great Gatsby style. Furthermore, you can visit the well-stocked food market 24/7, where you can … Continue reading HOTEL THE JAMES – ROTTERDAM


While strolling through our home city Rotterdam, we discovered a new good looking healthy hotspot for all day breakfast and lunch/late lunch: Healthful. Located at the historical Oude Haven (Old Harbour) in Rotterdam, the lunchroom has a small terrace with a view towards the Witte Huis (White House). The interior of Healthful perfectly matches our tastes: the place looks elegant, with white marble tables and velvet chairs. Another … Continue reading HEALTHFUL – HOTSPOT IN ROTTERDAM