We went to Marrakesh in November 2016, before we started Two Wander Away, but why not share some of our favourite moments there, since you might be planning your trip to Marrakesh.

Before we went to Marrakesh, we had a list of beautiful places we wanted to visit there. As we planned our trip, we already made spa and restaurant reservations. (We recommend you to do this, if you want to make sure it’s not already fully booked.) One of the places we really wanted to see with our own eyes was hotel Royal Mansour, so we checked their website and decided to book an afternoon tea.

When you arrive at the Royal Mansour, you can choose to have your tea served in the lobby or in one of the lounges. We had a small tour and chose the lobby, because the lobby of the Royal Mansour is breathtaking. One of the great things about the Royal Mansour afternoon tea is there are three forms to choose from: A French, an English and a Moroccan Tea. We chose the English afternoon tea, with an assortment of scones, muffins, cakes and mini sandwiches. As we enjoyed our afternoon tea, musicians started to play traditional Moroccan live music. It was an amazing experience.

English afternoon tea at the Royal Mansour
The enchanting lobby of the Royal Mansour


IG IMG_9063
Art Deco glamour interior of the Royal Mansour Bar

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