While strolling through our home city Rotterdam, we discovered a new good looking healthy hotspot for all day breakfast and lunch/late lunch: Healthful. Located at the historical Oude Haven (Old Harbour) in Rotterdam, the lunchroom has a small terrace with a view towards the Witte Huis (White House).

The interior of Healthful perfectly matches our tastes: the place looks elegant, with white marble tables and velvet chairs. Another reason why this place stands out is its menu offering more than the standard fare of croissants and sandwiches, instead Healthful offers a vegan-friendly, healthy menu, making sure you will enjoy a tasty, fresh and nutritious dish.

We enjoyed a healthy, beautifully presented lunch with great flavour combinations. (We are totally craving the Healthy Bounty dessert while writing this blog.) We will let the images of our lunch speak for themselves and hopefully you can sense a little bit of what we were experiencing. We can highly recommend Healthful, everything we tried has been delicious and the service is so friendly.

In our photos: two fresh juices – the Skinny and the Power, the Tuna Burger and the Marrakech Bowl, Healthy Bounty dessert, Plate of season fruit for two, Latte Macchiato and Cappuccino with coconut and soy milk. (We really liked that coconut flavour in our coffee!)


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